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lon Musk’s #DearMoon project uses Japanese billionaire and art collector Yusaka Maezawa to create an illusion that the entire project- billed as “space tourism” was not even Musk’s idea.  But #DearMoon is not about “space tourism”- it is an integral piece of Musk’s narrative that leads to “space colonization” as an inevitable  way to save the human species if we destroy Earth. And instead of artists fighting to save earth, they are being mislead to promote Musk’s inhumane narrative. Absurdly, we are led to believe it was Maezawa’s idea to invite artists along for the ride, to give us their uniquely creative perspective on what space travel is like. Meanwhile, Maezawa dominates art world news by paying record-breaking prices for Basquiats, and becomes the poster boy for a bull market in post 1980’s modern art, fueling today’s artists’ fantasies of selling their own works to billionaires at insane prices. But Basquiat is dead, and won’t see a dime of these 9-figure prices. Plus,  this incites artists to compete with each other to be one of the “lucky six” to get to go on an all-expense paid trip to the moon! No matter that the projected price tag of such a trip- estimated at around $22 million per artist- could support tens of thousands of artists or more, on earth, instead of an ego-trip for 6 artists and one e-commerce billionaire.
     Musk and Maezawa endlessly spin PR stories about the future journey, while concurrently amping up the narrative to colonize Mars, until one story blurs into the next.  Healing A.P.E. is watching this narrative unfold very closely, and is advising all artists to resist this nefarious effort to dupe artists into being collaborators on the narrative to encourage space colonizations as an alternative to saving our ancestral planet, Earth. As artists, we are the leaders in showing humanity that there is a higher consciousness, and that all art is the continuation of the cultural legacy of the human experience here on earth.
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